Igor Schwezoff Memorial, St. Andrew’s Cemetery

This bronze bust of the Russian ballet master Igor Schwezoff seems strangely out of place in St. Andrew’s, as Schwezoff would seem to have no visible ties to Darien. He worked with Balanchine and the New York City Ballet, and spent a life in the arts. Swchwezoff’s partner, Sonny DeSoto, had ties to Darien and they chose St. Andrew’s as their final resting place.

4 thoughts on “Igor Schwezoff Memorial, St. Andrew’s Cemetery

  1. Nathaniel Orr

    I am also s former ballet student and friend of Mr. Schwezoff. My name is Nat Orr and Michael McClellan and I used to visit with Mr. Schwezoff and Mr. Desoto in the 72nd Street Apt. in NYC. Sonny did a video for Mr. Schwezoff which featured interviews with Kim B., me, and others.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Nat, Thanks for getting in touch. Sonny is a dear friend and I’m sad to report that he’s presently in very poor health. I would love to see that video.

      1. Nat

        Many apologies for the late reply, Brian. I do not have a copy, however, there must be a copy in Mr. Desoto’s archive of media. Please let me know if you run into the VHS tape. Thanks. Nat

  2. Tina Peterson

    (17 hours ago)
    I am a former ballet student and friend of Igor Schwezoff.
    I believe that the Russian ballet master Igor Schwezoff was buried in Darien Georgia in this cemetery because his close friend and musical accompanist Helio Desoto, known as Sonny, was from this town. I knew them both when they worked together in Washington DC and New York City.


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