Dr. W. F. Monroe House, 1896, Valdosta


Dr. W. F. Monroe owned the first pharmacy in Valdosta and was the creator of the famous “666 Tonic”.  He commissioned Valdosta architect Stephen F. Fulghum (1857-1928) to design this landmark Queen Anne, which is the crown jewel of the Fairview neighborhood and the finest surviving Victorian in Valdosta. Fulghum, who was Valdosta’s most sough-after architect in the 1890s, built several houses in the Fairview neighborhood. David & Marty Sutton bought the home in 1979 and began restoration. That process has been continued by its present owners, Thomas & Dixie Lee Haller, who purchased it in 2008.

George (The Bear) Smith writes: I actually rented an apartment in that house in 1976 while I was in the Air Force stationed at Moody AFB,  from Doug Ricks who was the owner at the time. He sold the house to a fellow from Florida and I moved across the street to the Pardee House at 418 River St. and rented from Nell Myddleton. I had a lot of good times living in that neighborhood and I was one of the people that had an encounter with the ghost of W. F. Monroe. There were about 3 other people who lived there that encountered an apparition. I lived in the neighborhood for about 3 years and then moved back to PA where I am originally from. I recently moved to Florida and plan to someday return for a day to see the old hood.

Fairview Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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