William A. Pardee House, 1903, Valdosta

This house was designed by L. F. Brown. It later became the home of Judge John Gordon Cranford, a mayor of Valdosta. It was later purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Cribbs, Sr., who completed its restoration in 1984.

Concentrated in an area of River, Varneodoe, and Wells Streets and Central Place, the village of Fairview predates the incorporation of the City of Valdosta. The neighborhood underwent three periods of development: 1840-1860; the late 1890s Victorian surge; and the 1910-1920s period of Prairie and Craftsman influence. The Fairview Neighborhood Association was instrumental in the formation of the Valdosta Heritage Foundation in 1981. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in May of 1984, the neighborhood is a model of community reinvestment through historic preservation.

Fairview Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “William A. Pardee House, 1903, Valdosta

  1. Barry D. Fuller

    Unless proven otherwise, This should be the William A (Aldolphus) Pardee house. There were no William F. Pardees in Valdosta. In 1900 the address was 418 River Street. Rev. Pardee had an interesting life.

  2. George Smith (the Bear)

    I moved into this house in 1976 after the Monroe house across the street was sold. I was in the apartment on the top left as you face the house. The neighborhood was so peaceful and quiet back then. I remember a 93 year old deaf woman rented the downstairs below me and 2 of my air force buddies Kevin and Tony rented the upstairs right side, and downstairs right was a revolving door with tenants in and out. Rent was $84/mo and my living room and bedroom had fireplaces that I would light up when I had a girlfriend over. I rented from Nell Myddleton and even bought her old 62 Mercury Comet for $700 with 17000 miles on it. I had a big sleigh bed that I think is in the Fairview bed and breakfast now and when I moved back to PA I had trouble sleeping because I didn’t have the train whistles blowing all nightlong. It is a time that I will never forget.


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