Hatley United Methodist Church, 1926, Crisp County


5 thoughts on “Hatley United Methodist Church, 1926, Crisp County

  1. Sheila George

    I walk up that ramp every Sunday morning! We are still HERE! We meet every Sunday morning at 9 AM except for 5th Sunday. Although we are few in number we are still BIG for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Please join us one Sunday. We would be glad to have you as our guest!

  2. Joan

    Just returned from a visit to my home town of Thomasville. Enjoyed riding around historic downtown, still beautiful.

  3. Tom Robinson

    Brian, you’ve managed to capture an image, which displays the simplicity of faith of old, combined with care and compassion for the infirmed and the aged, today. God makes a way, through the cross, for each of us to know Him, and isn’t it right that we also make that invitation to ALL.


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