Alexander’s Store, Toombs County

This is one of my favorite old country stores in this part of Georgia. I stop nearly every time I pass it on US 1. Thanks to Holly Alexander Toole and others for sharing their memories and identifying it for me. One of my favorite memories was from Jack Parker: In 1936, when I was five, we lived near the store my mother would send me to get an item or two. It was always charged to a running credit account. I would tell Mr. Alexander I would like some candy but didn’t have a nickel. He would always see that I would get a piece. (Couldn’t charge the candy). Great memories.

As of 2020, I’ve been told that this store is gone, lost to a road widening project.


8 thoughts on “Alexander’s Store, Toombs County


    The Wright family operated this store during my childhood…Edgar and Helen and their children provided a “gathering place” for all the “country folk”…all our neighbors appreciated the location. We didn’t have to “go into town” to get what we needed. I remember the candy case….looking through that glass as a Baby Ruth candy bar stared back at me.

  2. Tom

    I believe this store was still in operation ca. 1977. I recall the sign on the store read “L. S. Alexander.” Am I remembered this correctly?

      1. Holly Alexander Toole

        Well he was a timber man so it’s most definitely built right! You should snap a pic of the old Alexander home place! It’s still very much in tact and not far from the store on US 1 South!

    1. Brandie Cook

      I was doing some family research and this store came up. Could you tell me if it is still standing with the bypass going through and if so where on US1 it is located at?


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