Cave Cemetery, Toombs County

The gate enclosing this small family cemetery is ornamented with several of these metal finials, representing what looks to be a spaniel of some variety. A marker notes that the cemetery was established in 1906 on land given by Confederate veteran James B. Cave and his son Johnny B. Cave. Levy M. Cave placed the marker in 1969 in memory of his wife, Wilma Lentile Cave.


6 thoughts on “Cave Cemetery, Toombs County

  1. Marilyn joyce oloff

    Hi , my great grandfather is buried here. James Arthur kerby (kirby) and grandfather James Arthur Jr, married to Anna Jesse cave. I would like to learn more family history.

  2. Betty Reynolds Casey

    My name is Betty Reynolds Casey. My mother was Kathleen Cave Reynolds. She was one of the sisters of Milton Cave. I remember seeing Leisa as a baby. I Visitedthe Cave family cemetary last week. I was in Vidalia to visit aunt Louise. She is the oldest of Milton’s sister and the only one still remaining? BI talk to Louise and her daughters Donnell and Geri occasionally. Louise is 91 now and not in good health. In fact she was just moved to the hospital in Savannah

    1. Leisa A.Cave,King

      I would love to get the chance to meet you,Betty.I haven’t heard from Aunt Louise in awhile now as I know she has been sick and I get home so late.My husband I travel with our work and it is almost 9pm when we get home.I will can Donnell tomorrow. thank you for letting me know.

  3. Leisa A.Cave, King

    Our family has set aside money for the upkeep of the cemetery.We have an Aunt and her daughter who lives in Vidalia.She keeps check on it.

  4. bbahnsen

    This family cemetery seems very well cared-for. Do you know if current members of the family still live in the area and maintain it?

    1. Phillip L. Walker

      Yes they do,, I am Phillip Walker son of Latrelle Cave, daughter of J.B. Cave who is buried there . The 2 sons of J.B. Caves youngest brother Doy Wheaton,, Randy and (now deceased ) Wheaton jr. were maintaining it. They even had reunions up until around 2008..many of us are online on facebook page Cave Family. Leisa King and i have been in touch inthe past few years also.


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