Shady Grove C. M. E. Church, 1911, Drayton

The foundation stone reads: Shady Grove, C. M. E. Church, Draton [misspelled] , Ga. Built Sept. 1911 By Reverend R. M. Mathews. Pastor, Rev.  Lee O’ Neal; L. H. Holsey, D. D.; Bishop C. M. Cross; Committee G. W. McKenzie, J. F. Key, T. F. Little, Tom Jones. The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1870 with the support of the leaders of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.


1 thought on “Shady Grove C. M. E. Church, 1911, Drayton

  1. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    The Shady Grove C.M.E. church makes a nice picture. That style of church is a common one in the South. When I was a child in our neck of the woods such churches were called “Colored Methodist Episcopal.” They were named that because they were attended by Black folk. This organization was established in 1870 but the name was changed in 1950 when C.M.E. was altered to reflect the new name of Christian Methodist Episcopal. Keep up your good work.


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