Christine Vaughn House, Dooly County

Diane Couch, who identified this house for me, wrote soon after: Thank you so much for preserving south Georgia in photos.  (This) house…is now being demolished.  How sad. Sad, indeed. It would seem I got there just in time to document it, but so many more will be lost.






11 thoughts on “Christine Vaughn House, Dooly County

  1. Lois Adams

    This was my daughters great great grandmothers house. Christine was her great Aunt. Loved Mama Vaughn and Christine. My daughter’s great grandmother, mrs Louise Vaughn Wilson, was raised in the house. She tand her husband Homer Wilson Sr visited often. The kids loved sleeping in the huge bedrooms upstairs and running all over the farm. Our daughter was the fifth generation of Vaughn’s and I have a photos taken at the party at the house. They had a barbeque for over100 guests. This was in 1968.

  2. Betty lamb

    I did. They used it in the movie “The Crazies” or something like that. They had a pretend fire in there and scorched the walls. It was in pretty bad shape. People were able to salvage wood, doors, windows etc.

  3. Nancy

    My mom, Betty Porter, said the Vaughn house was owned by Bob Vaughn (when she was a child). Prior to this it was owned by Doc Morgan (wife was Lorena). They were Betty Porter’s grandparents. There was a cotton gin on the property. When mom was about 10 years old, she played with Mr. Bob’s grandchildren at this house.

  4. Victor McGough

    Where is this house located? I’m very familiar with Dooly County, I thought. I cannot place this house. Thanks.

      1. Victor McGough

        Thank you. I only traveled that road twice. First time was when I was 8 or 9 with my Uncle from Unadilla. We were going to Americus. Second time I had stopped in Dooly County to say hello to relatives. I was on my way from Miami to Denver ( Courtesy of the US Air Force). There were few interstate highways in those days, so the route given me by a travel company was weird. Next time I am in Dooly County, I will be sure to go down that road again.

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