Hiram Masonic Lodge, 1840s, Omaha

Built sometime in the 1840s and retaining its original half-round log floor joints, the Hiram Masonic Lodge housed a store on the lower floor during the Great Depression. The siding was added later. It was apparently moved to Omaha in 1939. It’s in danger of further deterioration if some sort of preservation isn’t undertaken soon and that would be a shame since it represents a significant example of public antebellum architecture.

2 thoughts on “Hiram Masonic Lodge, 1840s, Omaha

  1. Elizabeth

    It is going to be a real shame if it is lost. So much is going, monuments, signs, historic buildings..the stories themselves.

  2. Jerry

    I went by there a couple of weeks ago and talked to a long time resident, he said that it was moved to Omaha in 1939 its # was 21 and it is in real bad shape


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