New Hope Baptist Church, 1901, Louvale

Constituted in 1860, two miles from this location, New Hope built the present church in 1901. It’s still an active congregation today and members keep it comfortable with cushions and pillows on the old pews.

The church is very well-maintained; I really liked the yellow walls.

Though it’s a small congregation, it’s very aware of its history and importance in the area.

Louvale Church Row Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


1 thought on “New Hope Baptist Church, 1901, Louvale

  1. Tom Robinson

    Always enjoy seeing your photographic work, and talent, Brian, and reading the history that you’ve uncovered. Old churches have always been an interest of mine – since His Word became real to me, and seeing your pictures makes me wonder about these rural congregations – the families who attended, became members, ministered His grace in their communities and provided solace and compassion among their membership, and to others. And, don’t we all wonder just how Southern congregations managed to worship in those long, hot Summers 🙂


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