Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, 1927, Blackshear

historic shiloh primitive baptist church blackshear ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing souh georgia usa 2013

Organized in 1833, Shiloh’s earliest members are some of the first settlers of this section of Georgia.

historic shiloh primitive baptist blackshear ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

The congregation is still active today; storm windows have been placed inside to give some protection against weather, and new restrooms with modern plumbing are adjacent to the church.

historic shiloh primitive baptist church pierce county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

historic shiloh primitive baptist interior blackshear ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

historic shiloh primitive baptist church pierce county ga interior photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

The rafters pictured above serve as hat racks, each studded with nails for that purpose.

historic shiloh cemetery blackshear ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

Shiloh’s large cemetery suggests an old and active congregation.


Private Isham Peacock, North Carolina Militia, Revolutionary War (8  October 1742 – 1851)

Isham Peacock was one of the most influential early Baptists in Georgia, and certainly the most influential of the Primitive Baptists. After first joining Lott’s Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Bulloch County around 1802, he went on to establish Black Creek, Beard’s Creek, Salem, and most notably, High Bluff at Schlatterville. As to Peacock’s theology, it was decidedly Calvinistic. Historian Michael Holt notes that he was quick to speak out against the proper “discipline” of the Baptist faith. “In 1830, he was able to get Beard’s Creek Church to adopt a resolution forbidding Missionary and temperance speakers from taking the pulpit there. However, they rescinded the resolution as soon as he moved to Pierce County. Though he was alleged to be sober, he was known to demonstrate his aversion to temperance societies by carrying a cane full of whisky he used to refresh himself while preaching…The disgust Peacock showed toward organized attempts to regulate public morality was typical of frontier Baptists.”–Michael Holt, (Thesis) The “Gold Standard” of the Wiregrass Primitive Baptists of Georgia: A History of the Crawford Faction of the Alabaha River Primitive Baptist Association, 1842-2007, Valdosta State University, 2009. In addition to these activities, Peacock founded the first Baptist church in present-day Florida in 1821 (Pigeon Creek Primitive Baptist Church near present-day Boulogne). For a brief time, it represented an extension of Baptist theology into a foreign territory, as this was still part of Spanish Florida at the time and therefore was technically against the laws of Spain regarding the establishment of non-Catholic churches. Elder Peacock’s last church was Providence Primitive Baptist in Ware County, where he was preaching at age 101; blindness ultimately ended his life of preaching and he moved to the Jacksonville area. On a trip to visit family members in Pierce County in 1851, at the age of 107, Peacock died and was buried at Shiloh.


James Strickland (1789?  – 7 June 1849)


Nancy (Wife of E. F.) Stewart (12 February 1818 – 7 May 1882)

historic shiloh primitive baptist cemetery blackshear ga confederate headstones photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

L-R: Private James Stewart, Company D, 26th Georgia Infantry; 1st Sergeant Colquitt Stewart, Company D, 26th Georgia Infantry; Junior 2nd Lieutenant James Sweat, Company N, 26th Georgia Infantry

historic shiloh primitive baptist cemetery pierce county ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2013

Thomas Family Marker

James & Sarah from SC (South Carolina) to McIntosh (County) About 1790. Absalom to Ware Before 1824. Banner, Lewis, James R. by 1829. Gravesite of Lewis Thomas (1789 – 1860) Elizabeth M. Thomas (1795 – 1863)

1. Redden (b. 1810) married Suzannah

2. James R. (1811 – 1884) married Martha Leggett (1830 – 1918)

3. Marantha (1822 – 1890) married William Chancey (1825 – 1883)

4. Martha (b. 1823) married David Cason (b. 1812)

5. Sarah (b. 1825) married Thomas Dyal

6. Absalom (b. 1827) married Elizabeth Walker (b. 1827)

7. Lewis, Jr. (1830 – 1893) married Prucie Eason (1835 – 1919)

8. Banner (1833 – 1885) married Mary Walker (1837 – 1877)

9. Elizabeth (b. 1835) married Martin Nettles, Jr.


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11 responses to “Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church, 1927, Blackshear

  1. Debbie King

    The very first peacher was Ruben Crawford who was my 4 times great grandfather

  2. Both sets of my grandparents are buried there, along with LOTS more ancestors, including the Thomas’ above and my brother. I used to go to this church with my grandmother sometimes.

  3. Louise C Leonard

    My mother was a member here until she died. My sister still attends. My Great Grandfather, Joseph Thomas, was the moderator here for many years in the early 20th century.

    The current pastor is Daniel Drawdy. He lives in Blackshear. I’m sure you can find him in the phonebook. He’s also on facebook. He would be your best source.

  4. laura

    where is this place at in Blackshear?? my daughter would love to have this as her senior picture back ground.. if thats ok would really make beautiful picture please let me know thanks

    • Lynda

      From the main traffic light in Blackshear (McDonald’s) take hwy 84 east toward Patterson, Georgia. Go a few miles and turn left toward Pierce Co High School, then start looking to left for Shiloh Rd, turn left and you will see church and cemetery after a few yards.

  5. Lynda

    I think we could find out the parents’ names because the Stricklands were early settlers in Georgia.

  6. All this history is just so fascinating! Thank you for sharing your talented photos and stories with all of us. ~:)

  7. Lynda

    I am James Strickland’s great-great granddaughter. He was born June 1, 1789. Your paragraph is very interesting. Do you know his parents? James Strickland was married to Eleanor Smith. Eleanor had James B. Strickland, and in your paragraph another son, is Allan James Strickland.

    • Susan

      Thank you, Brian for all the work you do. I’ve been following your photos and websites for several years.

      James Strickland was born in North Carolina in 1789. He migrated with his parents Joel and Elizabeth Strickland to Georgia, where he married Eleanor Smith in Wayne County on January 3, 1817. He was active in the Wayne County community until he moved in 1831 to the area of Ware County, which would later be called Blackshear in Pierce County. His mother, Elizabeth Strickland, born in 1773 in North Carolina, is also buried at Shiloh. She died in 1842, but I don’t think her gravestone is still there. Her husband, Joel Joseph Strickland, who was also her first cousin, died in 1835 and is buried in the Old Raulerson Cemetery. We haven’t located that grave yet. James and Eleanor’s first daughter, Nancy Strickland married Elias Fort Stewart. That is her gravestone you have right below the one for James Strickland.

      James Strickland is my husband’s great great great Grandfather. He is descended through James B. Strickland, then Alonzo James Strickland to his grandfather, Parker Strickland. If you have any more information, I would be glad to hear from you.

  8. Rankin Hailey

    I am James Strickland’s great, great grandson. James’s son Allan James Strickland was the owner of Strickland Cotton Mill in Remerton, Georgia ( Valdosta township). He married Minnie Adams. Minnie was a distant relative of John and John Quincy Adams. Minnie was the daughter of Sofia Broward of Broward County, Florida. Call if you are interested in more of the story 404-374-3731.

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