Farm Building, Jenkins County

This was likely part of the Brinson farm.


5 thoughts on “Farm Building, Jenkins County

  1. max brady

    we walked along with bended back, sweated brow and croker sacks, we told ourselves it was an awful place we worked and toiled to leave in haste,and now those fields i look upon, joys my heart the pain is gone, sword fights with stalks in morning dew, white bread potted meat and bologna too brother, sisters and of course mother,cousins, friends and many others, now i know those rows weren’t the worst just my taste of life’s first

  2. Mary Lanier

    You wouldn’t love them so much if you had had to pick cotton! Just kidding — I did pick cotton when I was a child, but I still love them.

    1. Kathy Blankinship

      I agree. It was back breaking, hard work for kids. But we did it out of necessity. I’m happy to say, I’ll enjoy the photos with no crocker sack hanging across my back or ragged, torn fingers from cotton burrs. These photos bring a smile to my face. It makes me sad to see these old buildings in such a sad state of repair. I understand…many of us moved away to earn a living wage and live a different lifestyle. I love visiting; I admire those who chose to stay or return and love seeing the efforts to restore historical buildings.


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