Jefferson Hotel, 1923, Louisville

This Spanish Eclectic landmark, located directly across Broad Street from the courthouse, was recently restored by the Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company for use as its operations center. Visible at the far left of the building is the old coffee shop, which was operated for years as Pansy’s by Pansy Agerton.

Louisville Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



3 thoughts on “Jefferson Hotel, 1923, Louisville

  1. Dr. Fay Stapleton Burnett

    The restaurant is now known as the Dogwood Café. Everyone should visit Louisville; it is just full of wonderful history.

  2. Jessalyn Stone

    Thank you for supplying a picture & the good news of this building’s restoration. Both of my parents grew up in Louisville, GA. Several generations on my mother’s side called Louisville home. Our dear cousin Louise still lives there as well as family friends.


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