Stapleton, Georgia

Originally known as Spread Oak, and then just Spread, the town’s name was changed in 1885 in honor of Colonel James Stapleton upon the building of the Augusta, Gibson & Sandersville Railroad. It was incorporated in 1906.

John P. Rabun, Jr., says that many of the commercial buildings in Stapleton were owned by and some possibly built by his grandfather, John Palmer Rabun (1879-1966) who was a farmer, businessman and Jefferson County’s representative in the state legislature at one time.



3 thoughts on “Stapleton, Georgia

  1. Beth

    The white building picture was owned by the late James Lee Hobbs and his father it was a feed & seed store for many years. The large two story residents of the main road in Stapleton was their home. At one time they were some of the richest families in Jefferson County.

  2. John P. Rabun, Jr.

    Numerous old commercial and residential buildings in Stapleton were owned by, and possibly built by, my great-uncle, John Palmer Rabun (1879-1966), He was a farmer and business man and represented Jefferson County in the State Senate or House.


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