Fleming Chapel, 1920s, Jefferson County

Randall Davis writes that a contact in Jefferson County noted that this was a Methodist church, but attended by Methodists and Baptists as it was the only church in the community. The Baptists moved to their own church, Friendship in 1955. It was originally known as Fleming Chapel, as confirmed by the name of the nearby Fleming-Burke Cemetery. It was later known as Allen’s Chapel. At some point after that, it was converted into a private residence.

Randall is an excellent source of information on churches in this section of Georgia and provided many images for Historic Rural Churches of Georgia (UGA Press, Athens, 2016). He has been quite helpful to me in identifying not only churches but other historic structures throughout the region.


3 thoughts on “Fleming Chapel, 1920s, Jefferson County

  1. Randall Davis

    Brian, a contact in Jefferson county wrote “I spoke to a lady this morning, Jan. 20, 2016, who moved here in 1956 and that is where she went to church. It was a Methodist church, but all Methodist and Baptist went to church there because it was the only church in that community. Later in 1954-1955 Friendship Baptist Church was built and people split from the church to go there, mainly because it had electric heat and Fleming did not. A Floyd Burgamy built the last steps on the church, but he has since past away.
    Its name is Allen’s Church (or Chapel). One source stated that it was known as Fleming Church (or Chapel) and later as Allen’s Chapel. Somewhere in my notes I think I wrote that the building dated from the 1920’s. It was gutted and converted to living quarters at some point. A short distance from the church is a graveyard with several old graves of members of the Fleming family. Randall


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