Lena Braswell’s Gourd Farm, Wrens

Mrs. Lena Braswell has been known to generations of readers of Georgia’s Farmers & Consumers Market Bulletin for being the go-to supplier of every possible variety of gourd and then some.



16 thoughts on “Lena Braswell’s Gourd Farm, Wrens

  1. Janet Eakin

    My husband, Reggie Eakin, was a gourd artist who won many blue ribbons and Best of Show in gourd competitions. I’m sure some of the winning gourds were grown by Ms. Lena.

  2. Bonnie M Corcoran

    I visited Mrs. Lena’ gourd farm years a go with Kirk Moore, who lived in White Plains, Ga. at the time. We got a lot of gourds that day. I live in Virginia now I still have those gourds I got that day in my house I would love to have some more–is there any way I could order some more? Thanks so much, Bonnie Corcoran.

  3. Name Minge

    Hey Lena: This is a note from Ed in Covington.. I have been friends with Lena and I have made it a habit to sit and talk with Lena for an hour or 2 each time I get my gourds. Plan on 1 -2 hours to look around and pick the ones you like. 15,000 or more to choose

  4. jenna

    I was buying gourds from her back in the 90’s and would drive down for the day from Atlanta and fill my car up. She is so reasonable. Now I’m looking to do crafts again and of course her gourds are the best!

  5. Ed Minge

    Great to see your farm and hear your voice again. I will try and get out to see you again soon. I showed my gourds at the Darien Shrimpboat Blessing this past weekend and mentioned your name a number of times.
    Ed Minge from Covington, Ga

  6. Grace Ray

    WOW! I feel such an attachment to the gourds and haven’t even put my hands on them!!! 🙂 Just looking at the pictures and reading about them have put a special place in my heart for the them. I am so excited that I will actually touch a gourd from Ms. Braswell’s gourd farm!!!!

    Grace Ray

  7. Andree Newton

    I live in northern NY, gourds don’t grow very well since our warm season is short. I’ve been getting gourds of Lena’s gourd farm for years and what a treat to speak with her when I order. Lena, your video interview is great! So are your gourds…

  8. wendell theus

    Hi Brian, Love these photos. That’s a whole lot of gourds. Only thing is I think I see a couple in those piles that look like some people I know!!!

  9. Peggy Anderson

    My grandmothers used to grow gourds in Jackson County and Banks County. Boy, what memories. Miss all this even more now that I have seen Mrs. Braswell’s. Thanks for sharing.


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