General Store, Laurens County

This old country store at the corner of Georgia Highway 126 and McCullough Road was a great discovery. It’s of the iconic style once found at many crossroads throughout the region but now quite rare.

I’d appreciate any information that can be provided about this store.


3 thoughts on “General Store, Laurens County

  1. Victor McGough

    Oh how I miss those red dirt roads. I loved having my aunts and uncles drive me down them and seeing the dust behind. There were some that one of my aunts would not drive on if it was raining. She was afraid of sliding off the road they were so slick. I would visit Dooly County every summer as a kid, All the red dirt roads are now paved.

    1. ben dooley

      You are so right. I remember one venture out with my father on an old red clay road in Hall County after several days of rain. We became hopelessly stuck, the more we tried to pile rocks and logs under the rear tires the stucker we got. Finally a farmer passed by and freed us with his tractor. We slipped and slud several more miles to the intersection of US 23. My dad looked at me and said “Son, you know how much I love riding these old dirt roads, but right now that concrete looks mighty good.” That same stretch of dirt road is today enveloped as part of the 4 lane extension of Peachtree Industrial and is lined with commercial and manufacturing establishments. That’s progress…I guess.


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