Joe Frank Graham House, Laurens County

Thanks to Judy Mullis for the identification.


6 thoughts on “Joe Frank Graham House, Laurens County

    1. Nancy J. Hagopian, (Hargrove)

      Joe Frank Graham was my great grandfather. I am the granddaughter of
      Levy Larkin Hargrove and Lessie Graham Hargrove. I am Nancy Jane Hargrove . The house is a beautiful sight. I have cousins in Cadwell but would appreciate someone telling me of a family history book for Laurens County that includes this family. Thank You, Nancy

      1. Robert Graham

        Joe Frank Graham was my Great Uncle, I had a number of Great Uncles including Tom Graham, Dalt Graham, Wheeler Graham and Hamp Graham was my Grand Father.

      2. Nancy J. Hagopian, (Hargrove)

        Hello Robert,
        I remember some of your uncles names. Does anyone have a family history? I would be appreciative and pay for a copy. Also, is there a Laurens County
        History Book that you know of? My father, Ralph Hargrove spoke of your uncles. DId you ever know Effie Gay, Alice Graham Gay? These ladies were sisters to my grandmother, Lessie Graham Hargrove. Thanks for your response. I am related to Steve Mullis and his family in Cadwell.
        A favored uncle there of my father was Bartow Graham

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