Hogan Farm Tenant House, Laurens County

This saddlebag house is just down the road from the Hogan House, so I would guess it was part of the property at one time. Wild plums and other spring shrubs were budding and blooming all over.


1 thought on “Hogan Farm Tenant House, Laurens County

  1. Wendell Theus

    Hi Brian, I believe in these photos, the old frame house was covered in what is known as “roll roofing”. It is actually made as a quick, cheap way to cover a roof without shingling or some other more expensive means. As a quick-cheap fix, many old frame structures were covered over with this type roofing material. It is about 36″ wide and on a roll (thus roll or rolled roofing) it is much like shingles made from paper or some type fibers, coated with tars and the top finished coat being sand impregnated for durability and appearance. Here it was put on the outside walls, creating a waterproof barrier (by overlapping edges top to bottom) and also a no-paint finish. Quick, cheap, simple if not the best for looks choice. I still like the old sawn lumber board look, but here necessity overcame the need for practicality. Thanks, Brian– great work.


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