Baynard Hotel, 1876, Guyton

Historic Vernacular Architecture Screened in Porch Guyton GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

I wondered if this house may have been a boarding house or early hotel, and thanks to Barbara Scott, I now know that it was. She notes that it was also the residence of Joseph S. Baynard and that today it is the residence of Mack & Linda Edwards.

Guyton was originally known as Whitesville, for the community that emerged around Zachariah White’s 250-acre plantation. With no heirs and deep debt, White’s estate was seized by Effingham County. When the Central of Georgia Railway laid tracks through the community around 1837, it was simply referred to as Station Number 30.  Soon thereafter it was named in honor of a prominent local, Archibald Guyton.


1 thought on “Baynard Hotel, 1876, Guyton

  1. Barbara Scott

    This house was owned by Joseph S. Baynard. He raised his family there but it was also The Baynard Hotel at one time. Mack and Linda Edwards live there today.


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