Bagwell House, Circa 1884, Toccoa

This house likely dates to circa 1884, as the adjacent house, built in that year, is a near twin. It is best known as the Bagwell House, for two maiden schoolteachers who lived here.

Update: This photo was made in 2011. The house was being deconstructed/remodeled in 2013 and may no longer be standing.

8 thoughts on “Bagwell House, Circa 1884, Toccoa

  1. sadieacree

    Martin and its outskirts had such lovely homes. Sadly there are less than a dozen still standing along the railroad tracks. Such a waste.

      1. sadieacree

        In Martin on east side of Hwy 17 south. I had miss Vera in 6th (1963) grade for math. Miss Lillian had retired by then. The sisters were very different in statue. Miss Lillian was tall and thin. Miss Vera was
        shorter than I. Both sisters intimidated students. Prim and Proper.
        I loved Miss Vera. I loved Math though.

  2. Ben Dooley

    Thanks Brian. Love the gable pendant. A wonderful house in a very sad situation. I hope somebody will step up to save it but won’t hold my breath.


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