Praise House, Bolden

Located near Eulonia in the Bolden community [sometimes referred to as Briar Patch], this vernacular landmark was built by Joseph Palmer in the late 1920s or early 1930s. Throughout its history it has served as a community center and schoolhouse but is perhaps best known as a praise house.

The praise house is locally known as the “Bolden Lodge”. It’s shaded yard is still a popular gathering place in this tiny community and has long been associated with the world-famous McIntosh County Shouters.

7 thoughts on “Praise House, Bolden

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  2. Konni

    Hello, why is it called Bolden? are the shouters descendants of Bolden’s, and is this a place where a huge community of Bolden’s once lived? are there many Bolden’s still in the area?

  3. wfell

    It is called the Bolden Lodge. The area has been a gathering place under the oaks for the local blacks for ever. The area is also called “Briar Patch. Bolden is the home of the McIntosh Shouters.

  4. heavenlyjane

    Once again, Brian, you’ve hit the ball out of the park with these ethereal photos. Makes me want to get in my car and drive east.

    I love the choice of B&W.


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