Courthouse Annex, 1897, Sylvania

Built to protect valuable records from fire, the courthouse for which this building served as an annex and clerk’s office is sadly gone. The iconic courthouse, similar in style to Crawford County’s, stood in the center of Sylvania from 1897 until 1963, when it was ordered demolished by the county and replaced with a boring modern courthouse on the edge of town. It was a significant loss.

Mural of old Screven County Courthouse, by BYOB Mural, 2006.

Today, the annex is home to the Screven County Development Authority and the Chamber of Commerce. Stop by if you’re in town.

1 thought on “Courthouse Annex, 1897, Sylvania

  1. Erbie James

    In the early ’60s, US 301 still ran through downtown Sylvania. I remember clearly when they demolished the old courthouse. A few years after, the 301 bypass was opened and I’ve only been downtown maybe once since.


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