Seaborn Goodall House, 1815, Jacksonboro

This iconic home (also known as the Dell-Goodall House) was built by Seaborn Goodall in what was then the Screven County seat of Jacksonboro. Jacksonboro had a reputation as a wild frontier town in those early days, purportedly having more saloons than houses. During what would come to be known as “The Troubles” or “The Jacksonboro Curse”, well-known itinerant Methodist minister Lorenzo Dow came to town in 1821 to bring revival and to preach salvation to the unruly citizens. After having his service suspended by clamorous townsfolk who had spilled out of the saloons with that purpose in mind, he charged into one of the establishments and began to smash whiskey barrels. At that point he was nearly killed by the angry mob but was rescued by Seaborn Goodall who took him to the safety of his house and put him up for the night. As he was leaving town the next day, a mob approached him again but he was allowed to go. As he crossed the bridge over Beaver Dam Creek, he asked God to bring vengeance upon Jacksonboro, with the exception of Mr. Goodall’s home and family. Within a few years, every structure in the once-thriving town was gone except this one.

The house is protected by fencing today and was restored and is owned by the Brier Creek  Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sylvania. The information here comes from a brochure they distribute, with a history by C. D. Hollingsworth, Sr. Many thanks to Kenneth Dillon Dixon for making me aware of this wonderful place.

National Register of Historic Places

9 thoughts on “Seaborn Goodall House, 1815, Jacksonboro

  1. Dale E. Reddick

    As a child I was told that children in olde Jacksonborough played marbles in its dirt streets with gouged-out human eyeballs. Perhaps that was an exaggeration…

  2. Connie Jenkins Johnson

    I’m sure this might sound crazy but I know what I felt was real. I’m a Jenkins (Johnson) and I live in Augusta. My dad was from Screven county. My story…several years ago my aunt (A Jenkins) was about to turn 90 and for her BD she ask me if I would speak at her church on a Sunday morning. When I journeyed from Augusta to Sylviana bout 1/2 way I encounter a dark force I couldn’t understand. It felt like darkness surrounded me. At that time I didn’t know about Jacksonborough are anything bad happening in the pass. I just came across the story and not sure if anything is connected to my my story but what I felt was real and very dark.


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