Emily Tubman Memorial, 1994, Augusta

Emily Thomas Tubman (1794-1885) was a woman far ahead of her time. Upon the death of her husband she ran his large plantation and financial empire, which was nearly unheard of in her day. A native of Kentucky, she spent her winters in Augusta and became one of the most vocal proponents of social change and religious reform in the antebellum South. An abolitionist, Emily offered her slaves the choice to go to Liberia at her expense or to remain with her on the plantation. Many went to Africa and some remained. Mrs. Tubman became very active in the Restoration Movement in American religion and was one of the charter members and the prime benefactor of the Augusta First Christian Church.

Augusta Downtown Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



1 thought on “Emily Tubman Memorial, 1994, Augusta

  1. Nell Hinson

    Besides all your beautiful Southern Georgia Photos, thank you for your dedication to including history, that you tirelessly research to include. You are my hero!!! Hope you make it to Northern areas – Carrollton County, and to Gainesville, and to Talking Rock one of these days. That’s my family history areas, surnames Wade, Evans, Glaze, Bryce, Adderholdt.
    HappyThanksgiving, Mary Nell Glaze Pederson Hinson,San Diego,CA area


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