Anthony Wayne Hotel, 1925, Waynesboro

Originally built as the Arlington Hotel in the 1880s, The Anthony Wayne Hotel reopened after an extensive remodel in 1925. It has served as a landmark of downtown Waynesboro ever since, and today houses various businesses.

Waynesboro Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

7 thoughts on “Anthony Wayne Hotel, 1925, Waynesboro

  1. Brian Moody

    I have acquired a lamberton scammell plate that depicts Anthony Wayne leading his campaign against the Indians. The back reads , the design of this plate was produced especially for the Anthony Wayne hotel , which occupies the site of old fort Hamilton , from which general Anthony Wayne projected his victorious campaign against the Indians . I gotta know if this is a one print item and is it rare and valuable ? Would anyone know ?

  2. Mack Westbrook

    My grandparents managed the hotel in the 1940’s and early 1950’s (A.H. Westbrook and Mary Westbrook). My father (Charles Westbrook) grew up living in the hotel from around age 4 to 14. During WWII soldiers training in Augusta would come stay here on weekend passes to get away from base.

  3. Robert Kirkman Evans

    Waynesboro was a great place to grow up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. You could get on your bike and go anywhere and not worry about being kidnapped or mugged. Oh to go back to those cherish days in small town America that will never be replaced or forgotten!

  4. Mary Rugg

    I have good memories of Sunday dinner after church at the Anthony Wayne resturant. The Rainwaters were nice folks and the food was good. I also remember the telephone booth in the lobby. Nowdays ome would be hard pressed to find one of those.


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