St. Clair Missionary Baptist Church, Burke County

Like many older African-American congregations, St. Clair Missionary Baptist utilizes a new church building but retains an older facility on the property [below].

There’s another structure which appears to be a social hall.

3 thoughts on “St. Clair Missionary Baptist Church, Burke County

  1. Tommie Walker

    This is truly awesome! For the past 11 years I’ve had privilege to Pastor this Dynamic congregation that makes up St. Clair Missionary Baptist Church. With so much history this church is one of the few that still join together Sunday after Sunday for worship. The Lord has allowed me to baptize many believers in that same baptismal pool up until May of 2013, when we renovation and add on to the sanctuary and added a pool inside of our fellowship hall. It would be great to come and do a documentary on the St. Clair Community. At one time the church even had its own school.

  2. Mary Alice Bratton

    WOW! I was baptized as a little girl in this pool and many of my family members are buried on the grounds of St. Clair Baptist Church. I spent my childhood in this area and these photos take me back to quick visits to the corner store for ice cream cones; walks pass the cotton gin to the post office to grab mail…. Brian, your photos are priceless!. How wonderful to see by birth town’s nostalgic past displayed so beautifully.. You have managed to capture, not just an older fading little town, but much of its forgotten history. Thank you for sharing!


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