Holcomb’s Bar-B-Q, Greensboro

Holcomb’s opened their first location in nearby White Plains in 1971. Still open, the original is as famous for its sawdust dining room floor as it is for its Brunswick stew. People drive from miles around to buy the stuff by the gallon! This location, opened in 1981,  is a bit better known, just because Greensboro is a bigger town than White Plains, and it seems appropriate that it’s located in an old gas station. George Dyar writes: Amoco Oil built this station in the early 1960s. John Bledsoe was the manager. 2 bay filing station and changed/repaired many logging and farm tires. Used them many times.

3 thoughts on “Holcomb’s Bar-B-Q, Greensboro

  1. Lanelle LaRue

    Best BBQ and Stew in Georgia. Grew up not far from there. However, the floor is not sawdust it is shavings. Sawdust is finer ground.


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