Maxeys, Georgia

Maxeys was first known as Shanty, then as Salmonville. The town as named in honor of Jesse Maxey, who gave land for the Georgia Railroad right-of-way. Though the advent of the railroad in 1839 helped the town thrive, Maxey thought it to be a dangerous innovation and moved his family out to the country. One of Georgia’s first commercial fertilizer plants was built there in 1874 by William B. Brightwell. The town was incorporated in 1907.

The two-story building on the left was the A. J. Gillen Department Store.

4 thoughts on “Maxeys, Georgia

  1. Scott Slay

    Lou is correct. The single story building to the left of the department store was last used as a tire store. It was my father-in laws business, Bucks New & Used Tire. Before that it was a bank and then converted into a gas station. The building was just recently sold to a musician.

  2. Hannah deSoto

    We have friends in Maxeys or Stephens (close by) and used to visit them a lot when I was finishing my doctoral program at UGA. I remember going to their quaint country church with them one time — can’t remember the name, however.


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