Bryan-Wolfe House, Philomath

This unique home was built by Gordon Bryan, Sr., and the posts are the trunks of large cedar trees. To my knowledge, they’re original to the house.  In his thesis Preservation Planning for Philomath, Georgia (Athens, 2010), Justin Courson dates the house to around 1922. Access the thesis (PDF) here:

Philomath Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


10 thoughts on “Bryan-Wolfe House, Philomath

  1. Tom Poland

    Brian, I first saw this home in the late 1980s. From time to time I’d take Hwy 22 to I-20 just so I could see this old home with its cedar tree columns. Glad to see that you have documented it. Thanks!

      1. Tom Poland

        I’m using a photo I took of it and writing a column about it this morning. I’ll give you a plug in my column. It goes to about 50 weeklies and online journals.

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