Round Oak School, Circa 1923

I believe this is the school built to replace one built in 1912 and deemed unsafe by 1923. According to Jones County Historian Carrie Williams it was built using material from the earlier structure and used until rural schools were consolidated in the county in 1946. I’m unsure if this was the school house or the auditorium.


1 thought on “Round Oak School, Circa 1923

  1. Sharon Lacy Connell

    Yes indeed, Brian, this was the old school house and auditorium. This was converted into a single family residence after the schools were consolidated and my friends and neighbors lived there several years. The auditorium was used as a basketball court/skating rink for the kids in the community. I have fond memories of this and the neighboring abandoned home of Dr. White, Sr. Round Oak was the epitome of an old southern community thriving well after the civil war. Mrs. Carrie Williams was the pillar of our community and a gracious southern lady. The community, of which I belonged, celebrated her 100th birthday at the Sunshine Methodist church where she and her family attended. I love Round Oak and the people that live there. As a young wife and mother, they became the family I did not have. Some of my fondest memories were had in Round Oak, GA.


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