Apalachee Baptist Church, 1888, Morgan County

This congregation dates to the late 1850s, with a different name in a different location. According to an article by Joyce Morehouse [Landmarks ‘ramble’ historic churches] in the 9 May 2019 Morgan County Citizen: …Pastor Alan Cagle, who has served the church for 24 years, shared some interesting details about its history. The back door of the building was in the original church, Bethlehem Baptist Church that burned. In 1888 the “New Bethlehem Baptist Church” was built on the current property. The name was changed to Apalachee Baptist in the early 20th century. After World War II, Sunday School was started. Men returning from service dug out the basement by hand, using a “flip scoop.” The indoor baptistry was built in 1990 – earlier baptisms were performed in the Apalachee River or a member’s swimming pool.  Ten years ago, the interior of the church was redecorated – many of the original features were kept…


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