J. Y. Bryan & Sons, 1917, Riddleville

Riddleville GA Washington County J Y Bryan & Sons Mercantile Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015


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9 responses to “J. Y. Bryan & Sons, 1917, Riddleville

  1. My Thigpen ancestors were from “near” Riddleville — nice to see what it looked like and that there is still some of it is still there.

  2. My daddy, Douglas Page, used to take me to this store when I was a little girl. The road in front was clay. We lived in Florida, but my grandmother, lived in Riddleville. This brings back so many memories. Thank you!

    • Hello Betty Jo, this is your cousin Sheila! I remember going to the store in riddleville with my granny and moma and daddy Red! Me and Ronnie loved going there when we came up from Florida. Mr & Mrs Glover owned it when I came up there, My Uncle Harvey use to take us there to get candy !

    • Sheila Dominy

      hello Betty Jo, This is your Cousin Sheila, I can remember going here when I was little, Granny and my moma and daddy( Red Johnson) would take us there. Ronnie would take me sometimes with uncle Harvey to get candy. The glovers owned it then!

      • Oh My! Sheila how wonderful to find you here. I’ve just sent you a friend’s request on FB. Just seeing Uncle Red’s name, brought back so many wonderful memories, and tears to my eyes.

  3. I am searching for information regarding my great-grandfather, Dr. George McDuffie Duggan and his wife Jimmie Adams. He was the doctor in Riddleville from approximately 1858 to 1875.His children were Mary Ann, Nellie Lou, Mac, and Mark.Their mother, Jimmie died in childbirth in 1871. Both are buried in the City cemetery. Do any of you have any idea of where they lived ? Any old birth papers signed by him, etc-
    His son, Mac lived in Riddleville and died in 1955- surely someone remembers something about the Duggan family- I really hope you can assist me-Kathy Marnell.

    • Charles Jackson

      Mr. Mac and Mrs, Claire Duggan lived in Riddleville next to the cemetery. The house is not there anymore. I remember them from when I was a child. They had several grand kids that visited them. Jane and Twyla Ebron is probably mispelled. The other grands I can’t remember. Twyla still lives in Washington county.

      • Dan Day

        Hello to all concerned, I am Danny Allen Day, the son of Priscilla Ebron Day. James (MAC) Duggan and Clara L. Duggan are my great grandparents. Their daughter Ruth Duggan is my grandmother. Ruth’s children are Priscilla, Buddy, Kay, Twyler, and Jane. Buddy is only one to have past on. I would love to make contact with anyone that can give me a little insight into my Riddle and Duggan family. Recently, I discovered that Riddleville, GA. was named after Clara’s Great Grandfather (Anderson Riddle). Anderson’s father Captain Cato Riddle fought in the Revolutionary War and was awarded a land grant of ten thousand acres in Washington County, GA. Jackson Baptist Church Cemetery on hwy 242 is were my ancestor are resting awaiting our Lords return. dday237@yahoo.com

  4. lamar sanders

    I love this old store in Riddleville. I go through Riddleville, Davisboro, and Harrison on my way from Lexington, SC to Edison, GA, just to ride through and see them.

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