Addams House, Sandersville

Sandersville GA Washington County Colonial Revival Eclectic House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

It’s my guess that this house is the work of Charles E. Choate; it has a very close relative in the nearby Brantley-Haygood House. It likely dates to the late 1890s.

North Harris Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “Addams House, Sandersville

  1. Mary Murphy

    I believe the house shown above as the “Addams House” is actually the “Stacer-Hodges-Morris ” House , in Sandersville. A Victorian style with the traditional, Neoclassical details.

  2. Nfutral

    I pass this house frequently. It appears lived in and relatively well cared for. Not sure what’s going on with the lack of paint, but I can certainly feel the homeowners’ pain when I think of all that scraping and caulking! One of the most beautiful homes of the era. I love it.

  3. Patricia

    I was just looking though my photos today trying to tag their locations and came across several pictures of this exact house that I fell in love with nine years ago when my family and I were passing through Sandersville. If money wasn’t an issue I’d have this reproduced on my property. It is my ALL time favorite! (Google image search matched up our photos…it’s how I found your site.)


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