Samuel Elbert Hotel, 1925, Elberton

Among the most unique of Georgia’s remaining old hotels, the Samuel Elbert has been a fixture on Elberton’s beautiful town square for 90 years. After a much-needed and long-awaited restoration, the Samuel Elbert Hotel reopened in 2017.

Elberton Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

5 thoughts on “Samuel Elbert Hotel, 1925, Elberton

  1. Lori McGuffin

    Yes. Renovations are underway for the hotel. A $4.9 million bond obtained by the City of Elberton with the Downtown Development. It is financed through Northeast Georgia Bank in Elberton. Payments on the 15 year Amortization Bond are to be paid by the revenues and from the General Fund for Evonomic Development. It will be a 27 room hotel and restaurant with a bar. It is expected to be complete in October 2016, but could be completed as soon as August2016.


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