LaRoche House, Crescent

This house likely dates to the 1870s, but that is just a guess; it could be 1850s. Bobbie Spikes identified it as her grandparents’ home when I first published the images in 2012. Teresa LaRoche Riley, whose father grew up here as well, recently shared a photo of the house on Facebook. It is likely beyond repair, but it’s a wonderful remnant of a lost generation in Coastal Georgia.


The house still retains its original kitchen.


An interior view indicates it was occupied as recently as 20-25 years ago.


As of 4 April (Easter Sunday) 2021, the house has been razed.

15 thoughts on “LaRoche House, Crescent

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  2. Andrea G

    My friend and I just visited Valona, Ga this past week. I drove by this house 10 times before I saw it & once I did I couldn’t stop thinking about this house until we went back and I could take a few pictures. I know it sounds crazy but I can feel the history and energy in this house. I got out of the car & my chest started getting tight and then my arms and legs were tingling. I wanted to get closer but it felt like a wall blocking the house. I would love to learn more history on this house. It is beautiful!

  3. Paul Glenn

    The LaRoach house is Crescent is being demolished. I have photos. Send me your address if you want them. Paul Glenn

  4. Cynthia LaRoche Porter

    Great Aunt Marie was one of my favorite aunts. She lived in the old house for as long as I can remember. I know she kept the bedrooms upstairs exactly as her parents had left them upon death. I would sneak up there when visiting to look for ghosts. Such a shame that the house was not saved. Uncle Issac wanted so much to preserve the history and the house, but said he could never get the family to agree on anything.

  5. Tammy

    This is my Great Aunts house. Frank LaRoche was my grandfather. My Mother is Laura LaRoche that married David Driggers SR. She is now remarried. I grew up in Driggers store and across the road from Aunt Marie. Love this history. Wish someone or historical society could fix it as a museum.

  6. Chrissy Chapman

    Is there any genealogical history for the LaRoache (Teresa LaRoche Riley) House In Crecent GA?

    Thank you.

  7. willa

    Yes my Dad spoke of Aunt Kathleen often in california, I remember the photos of the visit. I am sorry to give the news that my fathers wife passed on July 15th 2017, and then he crossed over on the 2nd of aug. he had just turned 82, on the 29th of july. I miss talking to him so much. I have so many things to write about, it is just over taking me at the moment. Two years out from cancer it took my mind off of that, now more test amidst the…

  8. Kathleen Alexander

    My grandmother, Kathleen LaRoche Howard, was raised there from age 2 until married. She married Clinton Henry Howard. Previously his mother, Lenora Howard Smith, ran a boarding house until she married, Mr. Smith and moved to the Ridge in McIntosh county until her death in approx. 1960 or 1961. Apparently that is where Kathleen & Clinton met.

  9. Marie LaRoche

    My Great Grandfather Archibald LaRoche purchased this home and land from a woman here in Florida in 1800s. I have the letters he wrote to her about the home. I was told just recently it was sold? I don’t understand how this could be when my father is still living, and has not said anything about our grandmothers home being sold? I need to check into this. So much history here, living there as a child was what always took me back. My name the same as my grandmothers, proud to be the LaRoche daughter, and granddaughter that I am. May the book I am writing give justice, and peace.

    1. Kathleen Howard Alexander

      I would love to read your book when it is published. I am the granddaughter of Kathleen LaRoche Alexander.

  10. Nfutral

    This house is incredible. I wish it could be stabilized and preserved. I’m not a big fan of moving structures from their original place, but this one would definitely be a candidate.


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