Episcopal Church of the Mediator, 1896, Washington

From a history by the Very Rev. Dr. John Via: Continuing the historic and catholic witness of the Church of England, Anglican worship has been a part of the Washington experience from the town’s earliest days.  Families would gather in homes to share Morning and evening Prayer and to celebrate the Holy Communion when a priest was available.  The Episcopal Church of the Mediator was founded as a worshipping [sic] community in 1868 under the leadership of the Reverend Joshua Knoles [sic], a missionary priest from Massachusetts, with services at first held in the Masonic Hall.  The first church building was on West Robert Toombs Avenue.  When that building was destroyed in the great town fire of 1895, pine pews, the eighteenth-century altar, and the baptismal font were saved and are in use in the present church structures. The new church building, built as some parishioners felt “too far out of town,” was consecrated in 1896, and is a fine example of the Victorian Gothic style. The church is graced by remarkable stained-glass windows, thirty-three panels designed by and executed in the studio of the internationally-known Wilbur Burnham.

East Robert Toombs Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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