Lewis-Cason House, 1905, Glynn County

This property has served as Cason’s and McDonald’s Dairy. After years of falling into disrepair, it was remodeled by Handy Jernigan. Thanks to Leah Cason and Dorothy Pepich for the background information. It’s a beautiful sight on Highway 99 near the historic lost communities of Bladen and Anguilla. It should always go without saying, but please note that this is private property.

16 thoughts on “Lewis-Cason House, 1905, Glynn County

    1. Patti Moxley

      HI Rebecca! It’s great to see you here. Yes, this house is on Highway 32 west. As noted above, Handy Jernigan remodeled it. You may know Handy from owning a carpet store on north Hwy 341 across from River Ridge. His wife and her sister are R.N.s and live in Brunswick.

    2. Philis O'Shaughnessy

      Lean and I are a couple of yers apart, she is my cousin but i’m a new yorker who spent summers at this Cason home, the home of grandfather and grandmother Cason and Phillip. With Lynn, Larry Bertha and Leah.

  1. islandbob1

    Local historians in Hazlehurst, in South Georgia, believe their town was named after a civil engineer who designed a local railroad.

    1. islandbob1

      What names are associated with the early use of the word “Anguilla”, or with sea island cotton, in your area?

  2. islandbob1

    Your Anguilla in Georgia was named after our Anguilla in the Caribbean, from which sea island cotton was first imported into Georgia, and where I am a student of history. I wonder if any Anguillians might have moved to your area, as they are rumoured to have done in Anguilla, Mississippi. Hazlehurst is not a traditional family name here.

    1. Nanci Grant Posey

      Interesting to know the history of name Anguilla…used to visit with my parents when I was a little girl…..the one in Glynn County, Georgia. And just to let you know: Hazelhurst is the name of a town in South Georgia, not a family name. A family from Hazelhurst may have bought Anguilla recently. I believe the Paulk family from Brunswick owned it in the 40’s. I was there visiting with my parents on Pearl Harbor Day, 1941.

      1. Anna Stumpf

        The Anguillat Plantation was originally the property of Robert Hazlehurst, who reportedly sold it to the Dovers. It has changed hands several times since

      2. Paul

        Oddly enough, I lived on Anguilla when I was a teenager and live nearby (work just down the road) now.

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