Eddie Bowens Farm, 1903, Seabrook

The highlight of the historic Eddie Bowens Farm is this house, which was originally built as a simple two-room hall-parlor structure and expanded over the years. The low-lying land of coastal Liberty County was suitable for little agriculture beyond rice cultivation, and remnants of this activity can be found on the property. Scuppernongs and other fruits are present; notable are two strawberry trees, a relative of mulberry that botanists speculate were brought to Georgia during the Colonial era for use in the short-lived silkworm experiments.

The Eddie Bowens Farm is significant as an excellent example of an early 20th-century African-American farm. Mr Bowens was a farmer, construction worker, carpenter, oysterman, and root medicine practitioner, as well as a deacon and elder at Sunbury Baptist Church.

National Register of Historic Places


5 thoughts on “Eddie Bowens Farm, 1903, Seabrook

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  2. Rachel Frey

    Love, love, love this house!

    Rachel D. Bowen The Trammell House 55 Trammell Street Marietta, GA 30064 678-360-8159



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