Queen Anne Folk Victorian Cottages of Wrightsville

These Queen Anne style Folk Victorians always catch my eye when I’m in Wrightsville. Finding this many located near each other is quite unusual and therefore notable. As a collective resource, they certainly invite further study. They were likely all built by the same builder.

The houses are in varying states of repair; the one seen below is the least modified. Another such house, which I didn’t photograph, has been updated with vinyl siding.



7 thoughts on “Queen Anne Folk Victorian Cottages of Wrightsville

      1. Kathy Jo Richey Marnell

        Thank you- now to find out which one I lived in- It’s been 63 years since we moved- one of those houses is my old home- It was placed on a higher foundation and had a beautiful lattice-like front porch. I wish you the very best, Brian- your work is very important !!

    1. Marie Wombles Lamb

      Yes Kathy Jo, the last picture shown is on Hwy. 57. It’s about the 3rd residence from the old Chevrolet place, on the left, going towards town. It’s in the City Limits.


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