Long Pond Methodist Church, 1877

Long Pond is a real treasure. It retains its two historic churches, an old school house and store. Most places like this have long disappeared and are nothing more than a name on a map, but not so Long Pond, where history is truly appreciated. When the congregations of this church and its neighbor, Long Pond Baptist, got too small to sustain services, the community came together and decided to meet in both houses of worship on alternating schedules. Both congregations date to 1802, when Montgomery County was filled with pioneer settlers taming Georgia’s interior.

I first went to Long Pond in February of 2012. At that time I met Mr. James Fowler, to whom I’m grateful for sharing  the history of this wonderful place, and for granting me access to it’s beautiful interior. He was a true Southern gentleman, of the kind you never find anymore. His charisma and love for this place and the surrounding area was inspiring.

I hope someone in the community will work to place this church, as well as the Baptist Church, on the National Register of Historic Places.

4 thoughts on “Long Pond Methodist Church, 1877


    My Great Great Great Grandparents went to the Church.
    Fannie Washington Williams 1842
    Great Great Grandmother
    Dolly Williams Cooper. 1885

  2. Joyce carver

    Leon Davis, Hurbert Johnson, Lewayne Peebo Davis, and Joyce Carver rebuilt the steeple on this church in 1983.


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