First Methodist Church, 1951, Hawkinsville

This congregation dates to the late 1820s and by 1832 they built their first church. A new church was built at the present location in 1857. To meet the needs of a growing congregation, a newer church was built in 1895; it served until the construction of the present church, seen here.


4 thoughts on “First Methodist Church, 1951, Hawkinsville

  1. Donna Lowery Murphy

    We lived across the street from this church. The church owned the entire whole block. I remember well when President Jimmy Carter’s son married a local Hawkinsville girl. Lots of secret service and many people in attendance.

    1. Donna Lowery Murphy

      One more comment: my father was the Agent for the Southern Railroad in Hawkinsville from 1957 – 1970 (approximate). By any chance does anyone know if the depot is still there?

      1. Victor McGough

        I don’t remember seeing it even when I was a kid. Only parts of town I was in was Merritt street and down town. Oh and once in awhile at the swimming pool.

  2. Victor McGough

    my grandfather was a Methodist minister. Hawkinsville was one of the towns he preached in. He passed away when I was very young. My mother was born in Hawkinsville. When I was a kid I would spend part of my summers with my grandmother in Hawkinsville. She lived on Merritt Street just a few doors down from this church on the opposite side of the street. When I stayed with her I would go to Sunday School in this church. The minister and his family lived across the street from the church. I use to play with his youngest son. My grandmother’s memorial service was held in this church. Again, thanks for the memories.


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