Sans Souci Apartments, 1896, Jekyll Island

J. P. Morgan headed a corporation of six club members including James J. Hill, Pierre Lorilard, William Rockefeller, J. A. Scrymser, and Frederick G. Bourne that built Sans Souci and held joint ownership. Each of the three floors contained two apartments. Sans Souci (meaning “no worries”) is considered to be one of the first condominiums ever built in the United States.

Jekyll Island Historic District, National Register of Historic Places + National Historic Landmark

3 thoughts on “Sans Souci Apartments, 1896, Jekyll Island

  1. heavenlyjane

    We stayed in the attic of this hotel annex (suite derived from old servants quarters) last winter. What a treat.

      1. heavenlyjane

        Every January, the Jekyll Island Club Gotel has an Anniversary promo, with the price set as the number of years it’s been in business. Last January (2017), we paid $129 for our room. Next January, it should be $120. Staying there gave me license to prowl around to my heart’s content. The weather was surprisingly mild, given the month.

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