Georgia State Cotton Museum, Vienna

georgia state cotton museum vienna ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2016

Just off I-75 at the Vienna exit you’ll notice this structure, which now serves as the Georgia State Cotton Museum. It’s a really small museum, but provides a great link between the historical importance and continued prominence of cotton in Georgia.  The building originally served as the rural Smyrna Schoolhouse (Circa 1890) and was moved here and renovated.

2 thoughts on “Georgia State Cotton Museum, Vienna

  1. Victor McGough

    I have visited this museum with my daughter. I bought one of their books and found a picture of my Great Uncle Oscar McGough on one of the pages. Vienna is where my aunt, Nellie Lilly, did her grocery shopping and where I went to the movies with my cousins.

    1. Janis McGough Taylor

      Cousin Victor, the big picture on the wall of the big cotton ginning going on first appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Our great grandfather, Uncle Oscar and one other relative is featured.I would have to look at the legend of names that goes with it. I have a copy that Eric McGough made back in the day when making copies of pictures was a big deal. My dad created the legend of all the names for the museum. I need to go by there and get a copy for my picture!! He knew almost everyone in the picture.


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