James Cromley House, Circa 1875, The Ridge

James Cromley, who was the keeper of the Sapelo Island lighthouse between 1873-1889, and the first of several Cromleys to hold that position, built this home in the mid-1870s. It is also known as the Cromley-Waters-Brandt House, for later owners. Thanks to Missy Brandt Wilson for the historical background.

The Ridge Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

1 thought on “James Cromley House, Circa 1875, The Ridge

  1. Lavonda dixon

    I live in the house at 1078 Scott rd SE IN Darien & am trying to find out more history… I’ve been to the archives & library ! I can’t find any documents that state that this was the Cromley/ Waters House… can u tell me where I might look? Also I’m tryin to get a historic plaque for the house… any hints?


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