Duggan House, 1850s, Linton


Ivey Duggan, who lived in this house, was the first person in Georgia to receive a teaching license.

Linton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

7 thoughts on “Duggan House, 1850s, Linton

  1. Debra York

    Frances, I am marketing the Ivey Duggan house for the current home owner. Would love to have a copy of the letter to include in the history of the house.

  2. Frances Kassinger

    Ivy Duggan (my double great grandfather) was not the first to receive a teaching certificate in Georgia. This was verified by the Department of Education. However, Ivy proved to be a prominent and well-loved professor throughout his entire adult life.

    You may be interested in knowing as well, that the pictured home received many unwelcomed Union soldiers in it, in December 1864. I have Susan Reynolds (Ivy Duggan’s wife) letter that describes that visit to her home and to the town.

    1. LJ Hyde

      Hi Frances – we are distant cousins. My Grandfather was Sam Duggan. He had a brother named for your G G Grandfather, Ivy. I would enjoy corresponding with you.

      Lawrence Hyde

      1. Fran Kassinger


        Nice to meet you. I have heard of Sam Duggan, mostly from my sister (Peggy Jolley) who I believe knew Sam his son. Can’t recall.

        Anyway, I have to make this quick as I”m going somewhere right now but feel free to correspond further.

        Fran Duggan Kassinger

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