Bethlehem Baptist Church, 1890, Warthen


Constituted in 1790, Bethlehem Baptist’s congregation is thought to be the oldest in Washington County. It was first known as the Church of Christ on Cag Creek (now Keg Creek). It later relocated and was known as Williamson Swamp Meeting House. When they finally moved to Warthen in 1795, they welcomed the members of Paley Church and the old Cag Creek Church and became Bethlehem. The old wooden church burned in 1890 and was replaced with the present structure.

Warthen Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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5 responses to “Bethlehem Baptist Church, 1890, Warthen

  1. I am the pastor of Bethlehem. If you have any historical question, I do have access to the business meetings of the church going all the way back to 1790.

    • Catherine Brunelle

      My great-great-great-great grandparents are buried in your cemetery. We were there last week and took photos. I am wondering if there are any records of them being members or Sunday School teachers, etc,… I am looking for any additional info you may have. Or, if you can point me to a historical society or library to try to find more information. Their names are John Glen Fulghum born Sept. 20, 1814 died Oct. 2, 1873 and his wife, Elizabeth Harrison Fulghum born June 16, 1814 and died Dec. 13,1885.
      Thank you for your time and consideration. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

      • Catherine Brunelle

        Oops! I just realized that her parents are buried there too. I missed that. Their names are Joseph Washington Harrison born Feb. 24, 1783 and died June 6, 1857 and his wife , Pheraba Harrison born Feb 13, 1785 and died May 20, 1861.
        Any way if you find any information on them, that would be great!!


    I have an image of my great-grandfather's house in Pelham.  It waas originally built in 1876, burned and rebuilt in 1908, and torn down in the 1960s for a public housing site.  He and Judson Hand knw each other and did some business together.It passed out of our family in the Panic of 1922.  Anecdotal stories say that the family lawyer wound up with it.Particulars:  John J. Mize home, Mize Road, Pelham Georgia.If you would like me to sent the image, please reply.Roy MizeMountain View, CA    

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