St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church, Waycross



8 thoughts on “St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church, Waycross

  1. Sharon Rice

    Any history on this sturdy appearing building? Is that a bell tower? Was there ever a steeple? I pray it is still well attended.

  2. Mary Fitzgerald

    I remember Jane st and Nichols st
    As a child houses may have seemed bigger than they were, But i seem to remember a certain street in waycross 5hat that these 2-4 story houses.Probably my imagination

    1. JoAnn

      Thank you Brian, for documenting these historic black churches! I grew up in St John Missionary Baptist Church in Waycross,Ga. I moved away decades ago. Seeing the picture of it now makes me realized just how beautiful and majestic it is! Today the congregation is struggling to maintain the operational needs of the structure. I do what I can from afar. I hope these structures can be saved. It will take a village!!


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