Gould Casino Auditorium, 1902, Jekyll Island

A multi-structure recreational complex, known collectively as the Gould Casino was built by Edwin Gould for the enjoyment of Jekyll Island Club members and guests around 1902. These structures included a conservatory, a playhouse with bowling alleys and an indoor shooting gallery, The playhouse was destroyed by fire in 1950. This structure, originally the Gould tennis courts, was remodeled in 1957 and became known as the Gould Casino Auditorium. It’s now in a serious state of disrepair.

Jekyll Island Historic District, National Register of Historic Places + National Historic Landmark

2 thoughts on “Gould Casino Auditorium, 1902, Jekyll Island

  1. Peter

    Love your photos. This one is wrong, I think. This shows the Gould auditorium, where many of us had dances in high school. The indoor tennis courts were /are in a wooden building south of this one.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      It’s very likely. The published sources are very conflicting, but I think you are right. This was apparently part of a larger complex, collectively referred to as the Gould Casino. Thanks again for pointing this out.


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