Villa Marianna, 1928, Jekyll Island

Though Edwin and Sarah Gould essentially severed their ties to Jekyll after the death of their oldest son, Frank Miller Gould had fond memories of past winters spent on the island and commissioned architect Mogens Tvede to construct this cottage, among the last built during the club era. He named it for his daughter Marianne.

Villa Marianna was one of the first large-scale renovations in Jekyll Island’s National Historic Landmark district and once housed the offices of the Jekyll Island Authority.

The courtyard at Villa Marianna is its most inviting feature and is a great spot for quiet reflection.

As the nameplate suggests, the house was completed in 1928, though the official marker outside the house dates it to 1929. Gould didn’t move in until 1929, but according to The Jekyll Island Club:Southern Haven for America’s Millionaires (William Barton McCash & June Hall McCash, Athens, UGA Press, 1989), the standard reference on the Jekyll Island Club, the home was “essentially complete” by October 1928.

Jekyll Island Historic District, National Register of Historic Places + National Historic Landmark

6 thoughts on “Villa Marianna, 1928, Jekyll Island

  1. Beverly McGrath

    My son and daughter-in-law had their wedding reception there on 2000, and it was beautiful then.

  2. John Hartland

    I believe the sign outside says private residence. Is this still a private residence and are there any photos of the interior?

    1. Jennifer Newton

      I thought they stopped allowing Jekyll Island Authority ‘executives’ to live in these homes! I toured Villa Marianna years ago after the director vacated the home and it was a wreck! He & his wife had allowed their children to write and draw all over the walls and the whole place was filthy. 😦

      1. Ryan

        I have been on the island since 2001 and no one has lived in this historic cottage or any cottage on the island, at least since 2001. Not sure about before that.

  3. livinglower

    Though Edwin and Sarah Gould essentially severed their ties to Jekyll after the death of their oldest son” Do you have a link to this story? Why did they blame the island?


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